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1 of 10 – Broker Norman failed to display an office entrance sign. Which disciplinary action is Norman most likely to receive?
Revocation of his license
1 year of probation
A 3-month suspension of his license
A citation

2 of 10 – Nelson just received his Florida license. Which of the following will NOT be on the license?
The name of the Governor
The effective date and expiration date of the license
An Equal Housing Opportunity Logo
The Seal of the State of Florida

3 of 10 – A veteran sales associate’s license expired on September 30. What will be the status of the license on Oct. 1?
The license is null and void.
The license is involuntarily inactive.
The license is voluntarily inactive.
The license is revoked.

4 of 10 – Jane cheated on her real estate examination and was caught. What will happen?
Jane will be fined for cheating.
Jane will have her license suspended.
Jane will have her license revoked.
Jane will have her application denied.

5 of 10 – Who elects the Chairperson of the FREC?
The Governor
The Secretary of the Department
The Executive Director of the Division
The FREC members

6 of 10 – Jane is a college graduate with a four-year degree in real estate. She has a sales associate’s license and seeks to renew the license for the second time. What must she do?
She must take a sales associate’s post-license course.
She does not have to take 14 hours of continued education because of her degree in real estate.
She must fill out the form and pay the appropriate fee.
She must take 14 hours of continued education. She must fill out the form, pay the fee, and return it before the expiration date.

7 of 10 – What is the primary mission of FREC?
To increase home values
To protect the public
To protect real estate professionals
To enforce zoning and Fair Housing Laws

8 of 10 – A $1.5 billion agency regulating one million professionals and businesses across some 200 licensee categories in Florida is?
The Florida Department of Agriculture.
The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
The Florida Real Estate Commission.
The Florida Department of State.

9 of 10 – The Real Estate Recovery Fund ..
Was designed to assist Florida citizens who have negative equity in their homes.
Can pay up to $250,000 per transaction.
Was designed to serve as consumer protection for those consumers who were harmed in a real estate transaction.
Was designed to prevent downturns in Florida’s real estate industry.

10 of 10 – Katherine loves to show and sell houses for others for compensation. She has been doing so for two years and without a license. She has been caught and she wants to obtain a license. What is likely to happen?
The FREC will make Katherine return all the compensation she has received before she can have a license.
The FREC will notify all of her buyers and sellers to see if Katherine was honest in her dealings with them.
The FREC will never give Katherine a license since she violated license law.
The FREC may deny her license since she was holding herself out to be a licensee, practicing real estate in the previous year.

Post-License Ch1 Quiz Questions Only


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