Post-License Ch10 Summary Notes

The Offer Presentation

After you’ve filled out the Cost Disclosure and your buyers have determined that the costs are within their means, you’ll fill out the actual purchase offer or sales contract.

The Offer Presentation

Contact the sellers’ agent as soon as possible, and let him know you have an offer to present.

Be willing to meet the sellers’ agent at his office.

Once the agent is comfortable with the offer, ask to present it to the sellers yourself.

When you arrive at the sellers’ home, you and the sellers’ agent should walk up to the door together. Let the agent introduce you and compliment him.

After you’ve spent some time talking about the buyers, take the purchase offer out of your briefcase and ask if you can discuss the details of the offer. Save the offering price for last.

Let the sellers know how quickly your buyers could close, and let them know when this offer will expire. Then, excuse yourself so that the sellers can discuss the offer with their agent.

A counteroffer means the sellers are willing to work with you and that a sale is very possible. Most agents will simply mark on the original contract, rather than writing out a whole new one.

After acceptance of an offer, the buyers need to secure a mortgage. The home will need to be appraised so that the lender is sure the house is worth the sale price.

Tips for Buyer’s Agents

  • If the market is active suggest that your buyers not include many contingencies in their offer.
  • When you go to present the offer, make multiple copies.
  • When a buyer’s agent asks to present an offer, always meet with him to discuss the offer before it’s presented to your sellers.
  • Prepare your sellers for the possibility of low offers so they’re not surprised or upset.
Post-License Ch10 Summary Notes

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