Post-License Ch5 Summary Notes

Depending on how the sellers respond, there may be a couple of extra steps:

  • Handle objections.
  • Ask for the listing again

When leaving for the appointment, it’s important that you give yourself an extra 10 or 15 minutes, in case you run into traffic, get lost, or encounter some other delay.

If you arrive early, don’t go up to the door until it’s time for your appointment.

Start building a relationship with the sellers

  • If you haven’t been in the home before, ask for a tour, and take notes.
  • Ask if you can sit at the dining room or kitchen table
  • Ask if it’s okay to clear some room so you can all view the CMA and other paperwork together
  • Spend just a couple of minutes continuing whatever conversation you’ve been having.

Review the CMA

  • Share with the sellers your analysis of the current market – currently listed and recently sold home
  • You should have developed a marketing plan as part of your CMA.
  • A price reduction leads buyers to believe there’s something wrong with the home
  • If a seller insists on an unreasonably high price, you should politely decline to take the listing

Review the Seller’s Net Proceeds Form

  • This will give the sellers an idea of their net profit
  • Once all the expenses are listed, they are deducted from the list price of the house.

Sell yourself and your company

  • You can include information about yourself and your company in the CMA;
  • You can develop a Marketing Book.

If you’re a new agent, highlight the company’s achievements first.

When you’re discussing your own achievements make them as personal as possible.

Ask for the Listing

  • Regardless of how you do it, don’t let it stress you out
  • When you ask for the listing, be bold but respectful. If the sellers aren’t ready, don’t push.

After the Contract Is Signed

Help the sellers understand that any advertising your office does, whether it includes their house or someone else’s, can drive traffic to their house.

Explain to your sellers what they’re responsible for with regards to open houses.

Explain that it’s a good thing if other agents are showing the home, because it means that your marketing strategy is working.

If your sellers have pets, the pets need to be out of sight for showings and open houses.

A clean, neat house is always going to be more appealing than one that’s dirty or cluttered.

Make sure your sellers know that you’ll be putting a For Sale sign in their front yard, and possibly a side yard if the house is on a corner lot.

Take a lock box with you to the listing appointment, and show your sellers what it looks like and how it works. An office tour gives the agents an opportunity to view newly listed or re-listed homes.

Suggest that your sellers make a Home Warranty available to buyers.

The benefit of a broker open house is that the sellers’ home gets great exposure among the local real estate community. The sellers should not be present.

A profile sheet is a single page of information about the house.

Commit to contacting the sellers weekly to update them on the week’s activities.

Post-License Ch5 Summary Notes

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